Friday, February 12, 2010

I've just updated my Etsy shop by deactivating a Snippet Bloom and sending it over to the HeartsForHaiti Etsy shop...I've been keeping an eye on that shop, buying up from various Etsy donators and now giving one of my blooms for listing. I think it will take a day or so before it's listed...I hope it sells quickly and adds much needed dollars to the cause. My little sweet Savannah's birthday is today, and I can't help but be overwhelmed, thinking how much we have in our life here...and how little they have in Haiti. I have been donating here and there, when I can, since the earthquake...and I know many of you have as well...but we need to keep please, do your part, as you can...this will take time, money and thoughts of goodwill and prayer.