Thursday, January 30, 2014

I love Valentine papers and colors...just had to dip into my stash and make up this sweet little pocket in my PL book.  I'm doing the smaller book this year and it's so much easier for me!  I can't believe I'm actually up to date and forging ahead with the next holiday.  Goodbye big cumbersome PL book!  2014 brings the smaller, more do-able version!  Hooray for simplicity!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Starting a new class!

at OnlineCardClasses...Stenciled.  Just watched the videos, printed out the PDF and I'm ready to play with stencils, inks, embossing powder, and mists!

And I'm back with my first stenciled card using a few ideas from class.  So many things to try!

and then an attempt at the embossing technique...didn't go so well.  I'm wondering if embossing powder has a shelf life and if mine has exceeded it.  I could not get areas to emboss.  So after a third try I just cut away the areas of embossing that looked okay and hodge-podged a card together with the remnants...not a keeper...