Monday, January 25, 2010

Here we are...almost the end of January 2010 already! I have oodles of pics to share, projects done recently and not-so-recently, stretching back to Halloween. So, here's the update for January:

While skipping merrily along in blogland, came across a few pics/posts referencing button bouquets...what an addiction this is proving to be! Here's a first-run trial of a little Valentine's Day Button Bouquet...going to add this to my Valentine's Day tree with some others...quick, easy, inexpensive, so many uses! Could use the sweet little bouquets on packages, tied around a greeting card, adorning headbands, well, you get the idea...have a go at it, you'll love them! Many, many references and tutorials on the web, check it out!

Just a sampling of packaging, I love to try new ideas out, and this little gift was for my hairdresser...(contents: Snippets Bloom, available on my Etsy)

January 24, cast on for a scrap-yarn blanket...working with an anything-goes palette...different fibers, different colors...from a Ravelry pattern find "Sediment Scraps Blanket".

Up-close, a new spin, various fibers, and sequins...I love sequins!

Super sweet baby sweater! Buttons are still not attached, as I'm still deciding on which buttons to use...I don't have immediate plans for the sweater, so I'll probably let it be until I have a baby gift deadline.

And! Finally I'm updating with pics of Halloween costume extravaganza! Picture of the headpiece...

and of my sweet Winter Fairy...

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barb said...

I just discovered your blog. I noticed your Egg Cozies in someones project file on ravelry and HAD to have the pattern. So, I found you. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

I am in love with the baby sweater you knit after Halloween. Is it your design? I would love to knit it for a new baby in the family.

I will be following you from here on. I love your work.

I just started a blog

Again, could you send me info on your baby sweater?

I am on ravelry - yerkeb

Great work.