Monday, December 30, 2013

Going thru my FB groups this morning and found a post by LindaAnne with pics of her wonderful DecemberDaily 2013.  Clicked on her blog and found such great pics, ideas, and lots of journaling!  I am sorely lacking in the journaling department...just never know what to say.  For now I have to just let the pics tell the story unless I insert a word or two, otherwise I'd get nowhere getting my PL and DD pages done.  So, anyway, going thru LindaAnne's blog I came across a little freebie (she has more!) that I knew I'd want to use pronto, speedy quick!  Love the little Polaroid frame template she is giving away...I was able to use in PSE9 without any problem whatsoever and here are my results from one photo:
see the little gray line to cut out around!
Sorry about the blurriness...too much morning coffee in too short of timeframe...

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Linda Jordan said...

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog :) I'm happy you enjoyed my freebie!