Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm trying to finish up and post pics, really I am...I'll be starting a 3 12-hour days stretch though, so hopefully I can squeeze in a bit of at-home computer time to unwind.

I'm finishing up the little Paxton test knit...awwww! So darn cute!

And, once again, I've been sidetracked by a new-to-me knitting book. It's Knit One and Embellish Too, and I'm loving it! Love the patterns in it and the first part of the book deals with recycling of yarn to expand your color collection of wools and wool mixes for the projects...truly inspiring. I'm going to be collecting and trying to recycle some too...I have visions of lots of little hats and mitts this winter. Can't believe I'm thinking that way, it's barely the start of the warm weather and I'm already thinking ahead...but they'll be quick little projects, not cumbersome to knit in the summer. And! I bought the book itself, but while looking it up on Amazon initially, I noticed it's available in Kindle!!! What??? A real knitting book? I sent myself the sample and have to admit, I haven't looked at it sister sent the sample to her Kindle and she said it just was the beginning of the book, the narrative portion. Darn! We had both hoped it would show a partial pattern so we could see the formatting on our Kindles...ah well...

So, it's off to pack up a work bag for tomorrow...I always try to tuck a little project away in case there is a wee bit of downtime...we'll see!

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