Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thinking, thinking, thinking...I really want to start up my Etsy shop. Just trying to get things in order around the house before I do though, seems only right I think. I don't want too much going on at once, and I really need to simplify my household, decluttering being the first thing that I need to do. I know I'd feel a huge weight lift off me if I can just simplify. Yes, that's what I've been trying to do this week and what I will continue with over the weekend.

Two swaps to mail out on Saturday. One baby jacket to sew buttons on. One pair of lovely little Savvy-size fingerless mitts to knit the thumbs onto. One little crochet hat to stitch in a larger size. The list goes about your list? Do you have one? Or are you a start-to-finish type person?

And for my downtime, I need to pick out a book for my Kindle...have lots of samples on there, just need to decide. Any good reads lately?


Stephanie said...

I am so not a start to finish kind of person. Can't really be with my Etsy shop - speaking of which, do it! :)

Right now, I'm making my first sweater which has been on hold for the past few days as I made some toys to replace bought ones in the shop. Can't complain though! :)

FieryMyst said...

Doesn't hurt to try the Etsy shop!! I say go for it! And good luck!