Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, to start with, I'm trying, striving to achieve a good amount of organization for 2009. We'll see how far I get, but I have made progress.

Knitting lures me away from a lot of my routine tasks but I have started cracking down and trying to do the routine first, then reward myself with knitting or crafting time.

And another thing...I get so far off track that I seldom post my finished items on Ravelry...well, that has to I've just posted a small dishcloth that I did, it's for St. Paddy's Day, a shamrock of course, and I'm just a wee bit away from finishing the larger cloth! These two cloths were posted as a freebie by the very talented Kris from KrisKnits. And here is my smaller one:

St. Paddy's Day Cloth

ahhhh...isn't it just so cute??? Can't wait to finish up the large cloth tonite...just a few rows to go!

I'm anxiously awaiting Kris' Springtime Cloth collection, and I'll be starting those pronto!
Oh, by the way, there's a link to KrisKnits on the sure to look at all her luscious cloth collections she has for sale on the right hand side of her page....yummmmmmm!!!

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