Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will you think I'm crazy if I tell you I just got back from seeing "Twilight"??? I had to... last chance for me to see it at the theater. I know it comes out on DVD in a week or two, but I really wanted to see it on the "big screen". I totally enjoyed it. The first part was a little cheesy, but by the time Edward took Bella to meet his family I was hooked...and then I couldn't believe when it was over... I will be anxiously awaiting New Moon. Anyone else like Twilight?


Anonymous said...

That's alright, I like you cheesy!

The Big Burbs said...

Hi Vicki, nice place you've got here--- and it's terrific that you've joined the Pay It Forward!

P.S. Twilight looks like it would be easy to be hooked into;)I haven't seen or read it yet but I've been known to follow a few teen dramas in my day.
I watched both seasons of Laguna Beach and streamed any episodes I missed--- talk about hooked;)