Monday, March 16, 2009

While packing up for the trip, have to take some projects along of course...little of this, little of that. Along with some dishcloths I'm working on a little girls's knitted top, and then there's my ongoing ripple pillow cover, take a peek:
ripple with web
Do you not love my beautiful glitzy spider and web? c'mon, just a bit? She is quite glorious and has been around for quite awhile now. She usually graces the corners of a grouping of pictures on the wall, but I wanted to try and photograph some of her shimmering beauty :-)

I'm also packing up a couple scrapbook kits that I receive on a monthly plan thru Scarlet Lime. Beautiful papers and embellishments, lots of trims and buttony things too. These two kits kinda blended together so I'm using them to make up our Florida vacation album while I'm there, that way I'll come back with a completed book of our trip. Well, that's the plan anyway. Here's a look at the stash...
vacation scrapbooking

And so, now I'm off, flight leaves early am, I'm packed and off to bed to try and read myself to sleep for a few hours...nighty-night...

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Terri Lynn said...

Oh wow! You may want to join my other group, RIPPLES! Nice ripple you have going here! I love your colors!